KARACHI - Obesity is identified as a fast emerging health problem in the country where significant number of people live below or just at the margins of poverty levels yet manage food indulgence as a favourite pastime.A senior physician and dietician talking to APP Friday said heart related ailments, stroke, paralysis, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases were closely linked to the problem of obesity.They also attributed sedentary and mechanized life style in both rural and urban centers as a factor aggravating obesity, a major determinant responsible for deteriorating health status of the masses Dietician Seher Karim said reducing dietary fat alone without reducing calories may not help those who are keen to reduce weight.She said healthy food in moderate quantities, win comprising vegetables, fruits and fat free milk is strongly recommended for adult population.As for growing children red meat, an important source of iron and protein, coupled with carbohydrate high diet with due provision for calcium, potassium is needed.“Unfortunately we witness an absolutely wrong choice of food by our people which may be rich in fat and carbohydrates but low in other essential nutritions,” said the dietician.Dr. Wasim Tahir a general physician said that individually planned diet can cut 500 to 1000 caloric intake per day ultimately enabling the obese individual to loss one to two pounds per week.The physician and the dietician were unanimous in their view that physical activity should be part of a comprehensive weight loss therapy and weight control program.“Physical activity is extremely relevant as it not only contributes to weight loss but also decreases abdominal fat, increases cardiorespiratory fitness and helps to maintain weight loss,” elaborated Dr. Tahir.The medical professionals also referred to absolute relevance of behaviour therapy for any weight loss program, making it a pleasant experience and no compulsion which could not be incorporated as a life long demeanor.They also observed that motivation and counselling could help modifying mindset of the people and their friends as well as family members to realize importance of weight reduction for the well being of entire community.