ISLAMABAD - Maqbool Malik - The PPP-led ruling alliance is on the verge of reversing its earlier decision to hold general elections in FATA largely because of the security reasons, sources said on Friday.

The move comes after the top leadership of the ruling PPP had extended Political Parties Act to FATA allowing the political parties to operate freely in a bid to counterbalance the extremist forces in the tribal region.

Sources said that the ruling alliance has already taken decision to delay the election process in contrast to the philosophy of the PPP and its allied parties especially the ANP.

The Election Commission of Pakistan has received no such proposal so far, sources said, adding, that government would convey its decision to the Commission at an appropriate time.

However, sources in the government while confirming the development told The Nation on Friday that because of the insurgency in most parts of FATA, the ruling alliance has reversed its earlier decision.

Sources further said that election on National Assembly seats would be held as per previous practice means that only selected groups would elect the future representatives from FATA.

They were of the view that the sitting MNAs from FATA might get another chance to be re-elected and that too with the understanding of the major ruling coalition partners the PPP and the ANP.

The PML-Q may also secure one seat from Waziristan Agency, sources said, adding, that JUI-F and Jamaat-e-Islami were other potential players, which could upset the election in FATA by fielding their candidates irrespective of the government’s decision to put off the proposal to allow all the eligible voters in FATA.