LAHORE-The Punjab Government has decided not to observe two weekly holidays till the complete implementation of the decisions of the national energy conference held at the provincial capital last month, said Punjab government’s spokesperson, Senator Pervaiz Rashid while talking to TheNation on Friday.  

The Senator complained that federal government had not honoured its pledge to put in place a uniform system of distribution of electricity among the provinces, and it was also not providing data on daily basis about the availability of electricity. 

He was of the view that Punjab’s economy and industry had already suffered a lot due to non-availability of gas and electricity; and it was not possible for the government to go for two weekly off days under these circumstances.   Pervaiz, however, said that his government may consider announcing a five-day week some time later if the decisions of the energy conference are implemented in toto.

It merits mention here that KP government has already announced two weekly holidays in the province, while the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan are also considering to go for two holidays in a week.