RAWALPINDI – Punjab Emergency Service (PES) Rescue 1122 commemorated the great sacrifice of 13 heroes of the nation, who lost their lives during Ghakhar Plaza inferno and rescue operation on December 20, 2008.

In this regard Rawalpindi Rescue and Fire Staff demonstrated their firefighting skills at Central Rescue Station in a mock exercise of fire incident here on Friday. Firefighters used fire tenders and specialised vehicle to rescue the victims from height and extinguish fire.

On the occasion, District Emergency Officer (DEO) Dr Abdul Rehman, Fire and Safety Association of Pakistan President Ghulam Muhammad Naz along with all officers, station coordinators and rescue staff were also present and commemorated sacrifices of prayed brave firefighters and prayed for martyrs’ souls.

Addressing the ceremony, Dr Abdul Rahman said that they were proud on their firefighters who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty they have set an example for all rescuers and firefighters to do our work with full dedication and devotion.

Ghulam Muhammad Naz appreciated the bravery of firefighters and professional of the rescuers. He said “I on the behalf of community thankful to all rescuers and firefighters who have provided sense of safety to the citizens of Punjab”.

Deeba Shahnaz Akhter, the Rescue 1122 spokesperson, said that world over the rescuers and firefighters were known as heroes due to their risk of life in the fire operation and Rawalpindi was the city where our firefighters have set on example of bravery.

“We pay special tribute to the spirit of inspirational examples for all of us and they are the worthy of our highest praise for their tireless devotion to fulfilling their sacred responsibilities to society” she added. Rescue 1122 has rescued over 1343358 victims of different emergencies, which includes more than 32332 fire incidents and saved the loss of worth 92 billion by timely response, she informed.

In a message, PES Rescue 1122 Director General Dr Rizwan Naseer said that it was obligation to give respect to fire fighters at national level and paid tribute to all rescuers and firefighters who enter burning buildings when other run out of them, risking their lives for saving lives of others.