NEWS ANALYSIS - Since its defeat in the last general election, Pakistan Peoples Party Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been in crisis and many issues including likes and dislikes, sidelining the senior party members and groupings within the party have affected the PPP performance in KP.
Attempts were made of late not only to overcome differences within provincial leadership but also to reorganise the party. However, they proved a futile exercise. The incumbent president of PPP KP Khanzada Khan has been running party’s affairs for the last several months. He, however, also failed to organise the party.
No doubt, his appointment as a provincial president by the party’s top brass was openly criticised for not taking the party workers into confidence. The PPP workers were saying they should not be ignored in taking such an important decision. Certainly, the PPP did not show any strength in the province just because of internal differences.
Sensing the situation, except Khanzada Khan, all his entire cabinet, other affiliated wings, and divisional and district organisational bodies were dissolved a few days back. Moreover, a committee will be formed, which will present recommendations to Khanzada who in consultation with party’s senior members will decide organisational bodies for all other sister organisations.
The senior members of the party, who are reportedly opposing the incumbent PPP KP president, will be accommodated in the provincial cabinet and their consent will be given weight in decision-making in future.
On condition of anonymity, some senior leaders of the party while talking to The Nation said that they would not accept nominations. “We want election, not selection. The pick and choose policy has badly affected the party. For God’s sake, don’t repeat this practice anymore.”
Intra-party elections would strengthen the party. This process would explore new faces with more spirit and dedication. “Since long, we have been seeing the same faces. We don’t want to see them anymore. By picking and choose policy, we totally ignore ideological and committed workers and youth. They must be given a chance,” they said.
Sources within the party said that some former office-bearers of Khanzada’s cabinet are again out to get slots and they would be accommodated. Thus, there would be a little chance to overcome the existing crisis.
The PPP’s top command has directed the provincial leadership to cooperate with Khanzada. Some party men welcome the dissolution of the party’s cabinet and other organisational bodies. They say that local bodies elections are ahead and fresh blood and new office-bearers will perform well.
When asked about rifts within the party, they said that it is not something new and every party has such differences. They, however, suggested that PPP KP needs a dynamic leadership to take all together in decision-making. It is crystal clear the PPP is still a major political force in the province and it just needs a motivation and committed leadership , they concluded.