Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif left the nation startled when he announced that it would take millions of dollars and many years to fix the energy problem. I recall his speech which he made during his election campaign in which he claimed that if he couldn’t overcome the load shedding issue within ninety days after being elected, the masses could change his name. What a boast, andwith large state machinery behind him, how did he have no idea how bad the situation was? It is hard for anyone to believe that. Now we have to come up with a name that may shame him! To many this may be a hilarious, sputtering and eloquent oration, not mitigating the miseries and pain of the nation. I suggest a simple solution, because under the banner of austerity, the issue of load shedding is manageable. But the Sharif brothers have taken over Pakistan as ‘kings’ and like other ‘kings’ they have no idea what austerity means. Coming from humble backgrounds, they are more prone to show and display their power by artificial ostentations rather than win the hearts of the common man by some great acts. The common man however, still believes that they may do something good for them.


Karachi, May 2.