LAHORE  - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leaders on Saturday blasted the PTI chief Imran Khan for his move against alleged rigging in the last elections which were won by the N-League with majority.

Addressing a seminar organised by PML-N Workers Organisation, Chairman PML-N Senator Raja Zafarul Haq, Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs Birjees Tahir, Vice President PML-N Senator Ch Jaffar Iqbal, convener of the organistaion Khwaja Mahmood Ahmad and former MNA Ch Naseer Ahmad Bhutta criticised Imran Khan for what they said, an attempt to derail the democratic process by creating doubts about the credibility of May 11, 2013 elections and launching a campaign against it on May 11 next.

Raja Zafarul Haq in his address wondered at Imran Khan’s somersault after he had recently declared Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif a real leader and endorsed the acts of his government for the country.

“Who has given Khan a signal now that he is going to protest the fairness of elections after he himself enjoyed the government in Khyber PK,” he posed a question. Raja said since creation of Pakistan some forces had been active to divide the nation and they were still operating to complete their mission. But the PML-N leadership, he said, was fully capable of dealing with them.

He said the PML-N was determined to translate Pakistan into the ideas and dreams of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal and make it free of exploitation where rights of the poor would be fully protected. He said the Pakistani nation also trusted Nawaz Sharif for his abilities to steer the country out of current quagmire of problems. Similarly, he said, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was earning worldwide reputation for public services in Punjab. He said it was Shahbaz who got up bureaucracy from slumber on its duties towards the public and made Punjab play role of elder brother and provided for the smaller provinces in health, education, food and other sectors. He said the government policies had turned around the economic sector from very bad to very good as a result of which the foreign investment was flowing in and the serious problems like energy and terrorism were being well addressed. He said it was the need of the hour for the masses to unitedly strengthen hands of Nawaz Sharif and his team.

Ch Birjees Tahir said a conspiracy to weaken Pakistan through hitting at its ideology was being hatched. He said some misled elements were trying to make Pakistan secular by means of diluting the ideology and assimilating it with India. But they were totally wrong. Pakistan would always stand apart from India in every respect, he said and added that the PML-N would firmly safeguard ideology of Pakistan which formed the very basis of its establishment.

Crticising Imran, the minister said, “His PTI has failed in KPK where government and the ministers are trading allegations”. He said by virtue of its policies and the vision of progress and development the PML-N government would again be elected by the people. He said Imran’s protest against an alleged polls rigging was due to frustration the PTI government faced after it failed to deliver in KPK. The N-League, Ch Birjees disclosed to the gathering, paid Rs500 billion to IPPs as circular debts. Rs 137 billion were paid from the funds which otherwise had to come under the disposal of the ministers and their ministries. He asked Imran to show tolerance instead of trying to derail democracy and stay calm till the next elections in 2018 when the people would determine worth of everyone.

Senator Ch Jaffar Iqbal in his address said Imran and the likes were not digesting victory of PML-N and were out on streets to protest at a time when the country was taking off economically and things were setting right. He said the PPP, ANP and MQM failed to address the problems during its five years of rule and situation was getting better every day under Nawaz Sharif’s leadership.