BAHAWALPUR - The Pak Army is the asset of the 180 million people and was fully supported by the nation while the PML-N acting as a silent spectator on the issue, said PML-Q Central Vice President and MNA Tariq Bashir Cheema while he was addressing a protest rally on Sunday.
“The PML-N came to power by rigging. Punjab government is being run by the children of Sharif brothers. Where is the tall claims of Shahbaz Sharif about loadshedding?” he questioned. “Pakistan is the only country in the world whose defence minister gave a statement against the Army. 180 million people of Pakistan are standing behind the Army and intelligence agencies. We are against the terrorism and it should be dealt with sternly.” The Pakistan Muslim League-Q took out the rally from One Unit Chowk Bahawalpur to Khatam e Nabuwwat Chowk to express solidarity with the Pak Army and the ISI . He said, “We condemn the attack on Pak Army and ISI , but the most disappointing thing is that some channels wrongly vented their anger on the intelligence agency.”
He said that Pak Army and the agency had always served the country in difficult times like floods and other natural disasters by remaining in the front lines to help the people. He said that Pakistan Army and ISI are not alone rather the 180 million Pakistanis are behind the institutions. He said that those had claimed to resolve the issue of loadshedding, lawlessness and inflation have failed and their claims have become meaningless. He added, “We do not want to derail democracy.
The government should complete their five-year period so that it could be exposed completely to the people. More than a year has passed since the PML-N government and during this period Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did not attend even a single Senate session while he addressed the National Assembly for a few minutes which shows the leadership’s non-seriousness.”
He said that before coming to power, the PML-N leaders had claimed that they would rid the country of the loadshedding in 6 months but now people were compelled to say that Asif Ali Zardari’s government was better than the present one. He said that investigations into the attack on Hamid Mir should be conducted however, what some channels broadcast after the attack was not acceptable.