Lahore - PTI Punjab leadership will tour various districts of the province to accelerate the preparations for its May 11 protest demonstrations in the Federal capital against alleged polls rigging during 2013 elections.
PTI Punjab President, Ijaz Chaudhry announced this plan alongwith party leader Dr Yasmin Rashid at party office on Sunday.  Ijaz said that he alongwith other provincial leaders would tour Faisalabad on May 7, Sialkot, May 8 and Sheikhupura on May 9 to speed up the campaign relating to preparations for party’s protest demonstration against poll rigging on May 11 at D-Chowk, Islamabad.
He said that similar tours of other districts were being made by regional leaders.
Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Punjab Assembly and PTI senior leader, Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed claimed that May 11 would decide the fate of the rulers who stole the 2013 general elections.
Reacting to a statement of Federal Information Minister regarding evidence of massive rigging, he said that there were heaps of proofs regarding rigging lying in the courts and masses were anxiously waiting for the decisions since long.