JEDDAH- Saudi security authorities have identified and arrested two citizens figuring on the most wanted list for their involvement in terrorist activities.
Major Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, security spokesman at the Ministry of Interior, said there was extensive coordination between Saudi and Pakistani security officials to capture them. The two are Adel Faleeh Salim Al-Anazi, who was listed among 85 most wanted by security officials in the Kingdom released by the Ministry of Interior in February 2009, and Mohammed Hamed Al-Juhani, who was among the 47 most wanted individuals announced in January 2011. Al-Turki said that security officials took the two for medical tests immediately upon their arrival in the Kingdom, the Arab News reported today.
He added that the detainees will be treated in accordance with regulations in the Kingdom. On behalf of the ministry, he called on all wanted individuals who have been fooled and brainwashed into acts of corruption to come back to their senses and stop following those who wish to use them as tools to achieve their goals of harming religion and the homeland.  Al-Turki added that the arrest of these two represents the heightened efforts of authorities to identify wanted individuals outside the Kingdom, and their commitment to ongoing coordination with special authorities in brotherly nations to arrest such individuals and arrange for their return to the Kingdom.