The successful conclusion of the Iran-USA nuclear covenant has added insult to injury to the House of Saud and Israel. It has been the most significant development in bilateral relations since the Iranian revolution. Notwithstanding the dominance of clergy in domestic affairs, Iran’s foreign policy has always been the outcome of real-politik. Unlike our self-obsession as a fortress of Islam, Iran has no such prejudice. Iran’s billion dollars trade with India, defense accords with Russia and shared policy on global affairs with the socialist regimes in Latin America are succinct reckoning moves to project national interest. Building on this breakthrough Iran would annex more space and clout in the region. And it’s not less than a nightmare for the Wahhabi Kingdom and the Zionist state of the Middle-East. But both reactionary plutocracies have no one to accuse except their neo-con friends in the Atlantic Ocean. Bush and Dick Cheney led by war-mongers, pursued by multinational mafias and the necessity of military industrial complex, cooked up tales to invade Iraq, and tore it apart. This brought out the genie of religious extremism out of the bottle and nurtured the most barbaric monster of human history, ISIS. Imperialist hubris and uncontested lust to capture oil resources made matters worse. The Arab spring unleashed the forces out of control. It left no choice for president Obama but to bypass Zionist anguish and the Kingdom’s resentment to break the impasse the ‘axis of evil’.

The suppression and degradation of Arabs at the hands of Israel, the betrayal by gulf sheikhs and monarchs, Iran’s resistance to imperialism, Iran;s anti-Zionist stance, its undaunted support for the Palestinian cause and its monopoly over Hezbollah and Shia ideology have helped in massive support for Iran in the region. One need not be apologetic for its clergy to admire its foreign policy vis-à-vis the Middle East.

Yemen is just an extension of a grand chessboard in the region, to exploit Arab resources. Saudi Arabia’s position is quite similar to the Bush-Cheney nexus that ended up with the pre-emptive strike on Iraq back in 2003. The same narrative is being repeated. Let’s not fool our selves; Saudi Arabia has no threat from Yemen. The ongoing war in Yemen is multi-faceted. From regional hegemony to military superiority, to suppress popular movements to the continuity of the status-quo.

Back in 2010, Saudi Arabia had signed a 60 billion dollars deal to buy weapons from the US, making it the single largest arms purchase in the American history. It helped satiate the military industrial complex, earned profit for MNCs, caused temporary job securities and normalized the dwindling economy, helping Obama to stand for a second term.

To compete with Iran, the threat of ISIS, instability on Saudi borders and America’s reluctance to fight on ground, there was no choice but to weaponise the Kingdom. Ultimately, MNCs and the military complex are making the profit at the stake of human lives.

In Turkey the Tayyib Erdagon regime is challenged by the Gullen movement and secular nationalists. A crack down on media and political activists generated severe criticism in the international media and among European Union leadership. Two points are quite seminal regarding the engagement of Turkey in these crises, a) any potential external dispute may reduce the internal boiling temperature and help in relative stability for regime, b) any unprecedented chaos in the region may lead to a serious Kurdish secession threat. To avert it, Turkey is vocal against Bashar al-Asad’s regime and arming rebels in Syria. International media has reported that many Islamic State fighters have joined Syrian rebels and Turkey is helping in training and weaponisation.

Pakistan has the historic moment to turn down its perception of rent mercenary. From SEATO-CENTO to Afghan jihad have been too involved in someone else’s wars. The Saudis are master of their own interests while Pakistani labourers are treated inhumanly. Recently enacted law ban Saudis from marry Pakistanis. This is what they think of us. The Palace of Raiwind may owe personal debt to the house of Saud but, Pakistan has no interest in Yemen at all. The Broadway show performed by the Parliament on Yemen is the most funny. Parliamentarians, across the parties, vowed to defend Kingdom at any cost. Paranoia swept over rationalism. Let’s not forget its Saudi Arabia which has violated sovereignty, not Yemen. We yearn of a Muslim renaissance twenty-four-seven, if there is any reality to this dream it must begin with the obliteration of the house of Saud. If not sole, it is the dominant proprietor of terror, backwardness, patriarchy, suppression and conservatism. At the eve of the Arab spring, the western media rushed to pose the question of Israel’s security to undermine the causes. An American commentator interestingly pointed out that, “Israel’s security depends upon Arab monarchs.”

Solution is political not militarily. A redistribution of economic and political power by making the underprivileged equal shareholders is the way forward. But it seems unlikely as the reckless Saudi onslaught depicts.

The current situation is ensuring extra capital for oil rich Saudis and Iranian and more tenders for the war economy. Then why would anyone step back? Once John Lennon’s girlfriend said to him, “Wars are horrible. Its bloodshed and massacre everywhere.” He replied, “Yes indeed, but wars are horribly profitable”.