Labour Day , when i’ll be resting at my home on a holiday the workers in the manufacturing department in my father’s company and many other medium and small industries in Pakistan will not be resting. The manufacturing department will be employing to overcome their production shortage. There is a question for us. Is this how we celebrate Labour day ? Is this how we are suppose to give respect to those who are the running blood in the veins of industries in Pakistan.

Tons of labourers in Pakistan are daily wagers. Holidays, strikes even celebrations like Eid and so called “Labor Day” which should benefit them, are nothing but hunger and lack of money for several days. They are living hand to mouth, they have to earn each day to fulfil their basic necessities. As they work for daily wages, a day off is a bad news for them. Holiday means no income for that day. This is how we are celebrating Labour day and helping our labors? The Government should take relevant steps for the prosperity and well being of labours . They don’t need us, we need them .


Karachi, April 21.