Unemployment is one of the biggest issue of Pakistan. Nowadays unemployment is a very serious issue and people who are well qualified are not getting suitable jobs. If people are getting jobs then either the pay is not suitable or according to the qualifications the designation is very low.

Due to this many deserving people are still unemployed and deserving talent is being wasted. Unemployment then leads to crime and other social problems. Institutions must keep a fair policy and give jobs and pays according to the skills and academic qualifications a person has therefore ensuring that unemployment does not spread in the society. I suggest the following measure to control unemployment.

Jobs should be given purely on merits. The education system of Pakistan should be well managed. Well recognized training and technical institutions are need to be established where skills programs are offered. Encourage multinational companies to business in Pakistan.

The age of retirement should be 55 years. Fast growth rate of population should be controlled.

I therefore request the concerned authorities to take the notice of this problem and control this problem as soon as possible.


Karachi, April 21.