I wanted to highlight one of the serious issue that is “The water crisis also affected (CPEC)”.Wherever they are, people need water to survive. Not only is the human body 60 percent water, the resource is also essential for producing food, clothing, and computers, moving our waste stream, and keeping us and the environment healthy. 

This issue is not only influence on rural areas but also affected in urban areas. It is also influence on (CPEC).It is one of the most important project for Pakistan and we have no idea after this project our economy will be rise. 

Balochistan governor, Mohammad Khan Achakzai, was speaking at seminar on “Water Crisis in Quetta Valley” was creating a wave of disturbance.We did not pay any attention towards improving the range of Dams in numbers. 

The only word comes in my mind is “PLEASE” for the PM of Pakistan to pay his attention towards constructing dams and save water for coming generation. 


Karachi, March 28.