Karachiites have been facing a constant, and unnerving, shortage of water in many areas of the city, and a lot of people – those who can afford it, anyway – have resorted to employing the services of water tankers at their homes to get some respite. This has led to strengthening of the water-tanker mafia, which is ripping off thousands of rupees per visit from every household. 

For me, the irony is that Karachi is just a few kilometres away from the Arabian Sea – yet its citizens are deprived of such a basic commodity. Why is that? Not because the water from the sea is unusable. It’s because our authorities and lawmakers are too inept and too careless to install even a single potable water facility in Karachi 

But the incompetence of our authorities has been at play for a very long time. Even before this crisis, the water that Karachiites used to get from the Karachi Water and severage Board was too contaminated for drinking or washing. This is because most of the water pipelines have either outlived their lives or were not laid down following proper SOPs initially. Either way, most of the pipelines have leakages and are mostly placed side by side with the sewerage system – where chances of contamination are pretty high. Government should solve these problems. 


Karachi, March 28.