KARACHI (PR) - The new face of Veet Pakistan was announced with great fanfare at a fashionable and exclusive meet and greet at the ritzy new restaurant, The Deli, where leading Influencers were invited by Mahira Khan to find out what the Hamesha Ready hype is all about.

The event was inaugurated with a brief introduction by Mahira Khan where she made the big reveal of being the new Veet Girl who is Hamesha Ready and talked about how the brand resonates with her. “I am more than excited to be onboard with a brand that I have grown up with. Veet speaks to me as it inspires women to be confident and thus be always ready for whatever comes their way and take the challenges head on. My journey in life wasn’t easy of course – and the only thing that has ever helped me is just being confident in what I was doing and just keeping at it!” said Mahira Khan.