KARACHI - Mohajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi (MQM-H) Chairman Afaq Ahmed on Thursday hinted at reconciliation with rival Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), saying that his party believed that negotiations with MQM-H would encourage understanding for the sake of Urdu speaking community. He further announced to hold a massive public gathering in the mid of July at Nishtar Park and a gathering for females in RCD ground on May 19. Afaq was addressing a press conference here at his residence Chairman House, Defence Karachi.

MQM-H chairman told media men that the party was increasing its political activities across the city. “We have also decided to arrange a gathering for females

in RCD ground while massive public gathering would be held in mid of July at Nishtar Park.

“It is surprising that authorities are not creating hurdles in our way, and we have been given the permission to hold the event,” he added. He said that unfortunately political vacuum was created in Karachi and other political groups were provided an open ground to take advantage of the situation. “We are not against any political party, and it is a good sign that MQM-H now has a chance to carry out its activities openly in the city. Afaq said that the time had come for the unification of parties representing the Mohajir community.

MQM-H chairman further said that the party had adopted the policy of reconciliation, and was ready to negotiate with any political party for the betterment and progress of Mohajirs. “MQM-H always supported dialogue and is ready to encourage any such initiative in,” Afaq said, and questioned, “If India and Pakistan can sit together for a dialogue, why can’t Mohajirs sort out the matters themselves?”

Talking about the former Sindh governor Ishratul Ebad Khan, he said it seemed that those who thought that they had done a great job by removing Ebad from the position of governor were not aware that through these steps the presence of Mohajir community from the political arena was being removed. He asked the members of his community to avoid such tactics and stop being used by others. “I am annoyed with Ebad as he was the man who did not allow me to attend the funeral prayers of my father, but I avoided reacting as he belongs to Mohajir community,” Afaq said. Without naming Mustafa Kamal or Anis Qaimkhani, he said that some people were in fact speaking and working at the behest of others.