LAHORE -  The PML-N government in Punjab has termed the PPP protest at Nasir Bagh ‘a total failure’.

“PPP Punjab President Qamar Zaman Kaira spent five days in mobilising the public to the protest but he failed to even save his party’s face,” said Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan, Punjab Government spokesman, while interacting with media on Thursday.

He described the protest camp of Pakistan People’s Party ‘a flop show’ and uncalled for and unmatched with the protest Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif had held during the PPP government on the power crisis. “People of Punjab completely rejected the PPP show,” Khan told the media.

“Shehbaz Sharif had held a protest camp against the PPP government on the power crisis on genuine grounds as leaders of the PPP minted billion of rupees through the rental power plants and did nothing to overcome the electricity crisis.

“By staging such so called protest show, the PPP in fact is exposing its own failure about generation of electricity in its own tenure,” he added.

According to the spokesman, the current phase of electricity shortage is “just temporary”, as from the current month till July and from onward till December more than 5700mw electricity will reach the national systems in two steps. “Bhikki, Haveli Bahadar Lakhan, Nadimpur, Chasma Nuclear Power plant, Neelam Jehlum, Qadirabad, Balloki, and Sahiwal coal based energy projects are nearing completion.”

He also blamed the PTI sit-ins in Islamabad for delaying start of the power projects by eight months, as Chinese President had to postpone his visit to Pakistan for signing $36billion energy projects.

“The PTI dharna was not against the government but the state,” the spokesman held. Had this dharna not been there, energy projects would have been completed earlier by eight months, he added.

However, he said, despite all that the PML-N government completed the projects in the record time, the completion of Sahiwal coal in 18 months instead of the required 36 months is a glaring example.

Malik Ahmad Khan also invited attention of the PPP to its performance in Sindh where he said, people are without water and the city of Karachi is littered with garbage. The PPP would be in troubled water if the PML-N held protest in Karachi leading these issues, he warned.

“Our protest call in Sindh will be totally serious and the demonstrations will expose the performance of the PPP government,” he added.

As to the PPP protest, he said, political worth of this party is so low in Punjab that it does not have even candidates to field in the election in a number of constituencies.

He also informed the media while responding to a query that a legal notice is being served on Imran Khan in coming days over his bribe allegations towards Punjab CM.

“CM Shehbaz Sharif had given three days time to Imran Khan to recall the allegations or face defamation of suit. The deadline has elapsed,” the spokesman stated.

When asked about the CM claims about ending the loadshedding in six months, the spokesman said it was “in the contest of load management and debt circular.”