Children used as drug robots have been kidnapped, and locked in chains by bad cops following the tribulation of three children ended only after they were recovered by police on Wednesday.

Civil Lines Police on Friday handed over three children, between six to nine years, to the Child Protection Bureau of Punjab.

SI Naveed Ahmed Tariqabad police station post in-charge was on patrol, when he got the tip-off from an informant, a mechanic named Akhtar, had locked up three children in a rented house.

Acting on the tip-off, the police raided the house near Malang CNG station in Dheri Hassanabad, found children who were bound in chains and recovered Khan Dad, Ghulam Dad and Fariha Pasroor.

The children, who seemed to be of Afghan origin, told police in their broken Urdu, that a man had given them a packet of hashish, weighing in kilogram, in Peshawar and put them on a Rawalpindi-bound bus on May 2.

They had caught us and locked us in the house. We were then handed over to four men Sheikh Azhar, Qamar Butt, Ahsan, and Haji Sajid who took their hashish packet away. 8-year-old Khan Dad, Akhtar said.

Azhar was known as a constable in Rawalpindi police and had been transferred to Punjab constabulary of the regional police officer a while back and was later dismissed from service for his truancy. Butt, Ahsan, and Sajid are also said to be cops.

The children will be presented before a magistrate today to record their statement.