Kandhkot - Unnecessary C-sections are being conducted in most of the private clinics, hospitals and various centres of the upper Sindh where lady doctors play with the lives of women.

Driven by the consideration for money, ruthless gynaecologists terrify families of the pregnant women by saying that they must get them operated; otherwise lives of both mother and baby are at risk.

Hence in order to save lives of both mother and child, the families have no choice but to go for C-section.

This does not stop here as lady doctors loot women on different pretexts: by charging them fees including of OT, medicines, room service and operation.

It is an irony that the amount exceeds Rs30,000, while charges for normal delivery are Rs3,000 to Rs4,000.

But this amount is insufficient for such pitiless and greedy doctors and in order to mint more money they deliberately conduct C-sections.

However, some people have a different opinion and they say that women themselves prefer C-Section.

When this scribe approached some famous gynaecologists of the city they categorically rejected all the allegations terming these as baseless

They said that they did not get commissions from pharmaceutical companies rather they preferred tested and researched products from well-known pharmaceutical companies. They further said that over 80 percent pregnant women themselves desired for C-Section instead of normal delivery and they never forced them to go for surgery.