LAHORE - Allama Iqbal Medical College/Jinnah Hospital Thursday arranged a seminar and a walk to highlight the importance infection control and hygiene in connection with the World Hand Hygiene Day. WHHD is globally observed on May 5 annually.

AIMC Principal Prof Rashid Zia said average age of human could be enhanced by adopting principles of hygiene. “Average age in Japan, Canada and western countries is 80 to 90 years whereas in development countries like Pakistan is only 45 to 50 years. It is also decreasing”, he said.

Medical Superintendent Dr Suhail Saqlain, Turkish Health Experts Dr Fateh Kradimer and Dr Memit Taskeen, doctors and a large number of nurses participated in the seminar.

Prof Rashid Zia said that behavioral changes were essential along with infrastructural development and modern diagnostic equipment. He said that the interaction of doctors as well nurses with the patients should be like relatives.

He said that provision of quality treatment to the patient was the basic responsibility of medics so that he should feel himself in the safe hands. He said that hand washing and hygiene should be a habit to control infection.

 He was of the view that mothers should feed their babies to prevent them from various diseases and infection.

Dr Suhail Saqlain said that Turkish experts have provided training and guidance for infection control, appropriate hospital waste management. He said that the seminar would provide guidance and knowledge about infection control methods and promoting hygiene in the hospitals.