LAHORE : Ecolean Pakistan is setting up a manufacturing facility at Sundar Industrial State, Lahore with Ecolean’s total investment of 110 million US dollars. The site will cater to the domestic market as well export finished food packing products to other markets in Asia & the Middle East. With the Pakistani government focused on improving milk/dairy products quality, provide fresh/pasteurized milk to public and move to a safer packaging from the current loose milk market, Ecolean offers products that cater to both fresh milk and UHT based products and thereby, supporting the government’s efforts. It’s the first packaging supplier in the world to review the whole system with detailed analysis and description in Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) – encompassing the lightweight packages as well as filling machines.

In the Ecolean manufacturing process, as little raw material and energy as possible is used. Saving the planet’s limited resources is the core of the company’s lightweight philosophy and shows great benefits throughout the lifecycle of the package. With up to 50% less weight than traditional packages, imagine the amount of waste saved if the world switched to Ecolean. To create an even lighter footprint, part of the plastic in the packages is replaced with chalk, up to 35%. Once empty, the package is flat as an envelope.

At the moment local manufacturing is a challenge since the import duties on raw materials drives the cost of production higher and thus renders Pakistan uncompetitive when compared with other regional markets like China and others in the far-east.