Multan - Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that India continues to do propaganda against Pak-China friendship, adding that China is time-tested friend of Pakistan and stands with us for our economic development.

Talking to the media here on Saturday, he claimed that India got trapped into its own trap that it had knitted for Pakistan on the issue of Masood Azhar. He said that BJP government could not present any proof before the world on Pulwama attack which unveiled true Indian face. He suggested to the media not to lend ear to Indian propaganda.

Referring to Afghanistan, he said that peace in Afghanistan would also deliver benefit to Pakistan as it would result into peace in Pakistan. He said that restoration of peace in Afghanistan would, however, take time as it was on war since long.

He said that Pashtoons were patriots who always supported Pakistan. He added that the tribesmen faced difficulties during 70-year-long war but the institutions had solid evidences against some personalities who got money from RAW and NDS.

Says China stands with us for our economic development

He asked Sindh government to pay its three percent share in the fund like Punjab and KP for the rehabilitation of war affected areas and people. He said that the affairs in Punjab were running smoothly and wheat procurement was underway in a transparent manner. He added that the jute bag distribution was also done in transparent manner.

He disclosed that the Chief Minister Usman Buzdar would meet with the parliamentarians from Punjab in Islamabad on May 8 and the new local government system would be discussed. He said that he had given a suggestion to the Chief Minister to meet with the members of parliament every month.

He claimed that there was no rift among the allies on new local government law in Punjab and all members of the government were on the same page. Citing examples, he said that the PML-Q voted in the favour of the new system and the statement of Ch Parvez Elahi had also come on local government system.

The FM insisted that the former governments were responsible for deterioration of country’s economy.

He said that the value of currency went further down as a result of increase in national deficit. He anticipated that the prices would go down with the decrease in dollar value. He told media that petroleum prices were discussed in the cabinet meeting, adding that the prices went up in Pakistan because of increase in their rate in international market. He claimed that the government was going to introduce poor-friendly policies to cut down poverty.

He said that the current government had got five-year mandate and this mandate should be respected. “We’ll accept any decision made by the masses after five years,” he declared. He said that the Governor State Bank and Chairman FBR were not removed on IMF direction rather they were removed on their performance.

He claimed that Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was being considered for opposition leader but a big part of PML-N had reservations on new appointments. He said that the recent changes in Nawaz League leadership indicated that the party was facing clutter. He said that the PML-N leadership should tell as to why they brought these changes overnight and why their own people were oblivious of the changes.

Answering a question on bringing Shehbaz Sharif back, he said that a lot of confusion existed on this topic and the situation would get clear in a few days. “It is being said that Shehbaz Sharif’s health conditions don’t permit him to come back and apparently he himself is saying that he’ll come back. If the party permits him to work as leader of opposition why can’t he perform at public accounts committee?” he posed a question.

He said that the PML-N people were saying that the gang of four was making decisions while PPP’s Syed Khurshid Shah pointed out that PPP and other opposition parties were not consulted on the nomination of Rana Tanveer.

He said that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari should review the conditions instead of taunting the change promised by the government.