Ever since the 18th amendment has been promulgated in Pakistan, provincial governments started making arbitrary decisions, with little regard to the national interest. As the ruling party PPP in 2008 brought this amendment in order to give greater autonomy to the provinces; its leadership believes that the 18th amendment will surely prove itself to be a source of strength to democracy.

Sindh saw over a decade of PPP’s rule but by putting the 18th amendment in place, what did PPP’s provincial government do to change the fate of Sindh? The education, health, police institutions are not up to the mark owing to the negligence, partiality and biasedness of Sindh government. Unfortunately, politics is preferred over the national interest of the country, and the 18th amendment is being used as a political tool in the name of people. When the federal government meddles in Sindh, It is projected by PPP as an attack on democracy and constitution. Being a concerned citizen I urge the government to amend this amendment through proper legislation; otherwise, it would be tantamount to play with democracy, constitution and national unity in the name of provincial autonomy which will further promote divisive narratives.


Hyderabad Sindh.