LAHORE - Senior Punjab Minister for Food Abdul Aleem Khan has said that the Food Sector in the province is being closely monitored and efforts are being made to ensure that no shortage is detected.

The purchase target of wheat has been achieved up to 45 percent while the procurement drive is in full swing and In Sha Allah we expect to achieve our target soon.

Participating in the meeting of National Command and Operational Centre through video link, here on Monday, Aleem Khan said that wheat crop and procurement in South Punjab would be more than our target.

However, rains in Central and Upper Punjab have affected the wheat crop to some extent but Punjab as a whole has set a target of 4.5 million metric tonnes which will be easily achieved despite its seemingly large size.

Talking about the supply of wheat from Punjab to other provinces, Aleem said that efforts are being made to ensure that there are no two buyers in the market at the same time for the purchase of wheat.

The Punjab Government will buy the wheat as per their requirement and hand it over to other provinces, especially KPK. Abdul further said that strict measures are being taken against the smuggling of wheat in Punjab as there were many attempts which have been foiled with the help of intelligence agencies.

He said that he was monitoring the process himself and would now need the co-operation of the Motorway police to stop the smuggling of wheat.

Aleem told the meeting participants that Punjab Flour Mills are allowed to have 72 hours stock which they can refill 24 hours in advance as well.

He said that keeping in view the past experience, Punjab has replicated an integrated policy of wheat which has been adopted for transportation. He told that there is no restriction on inter-district transportation of wheat in the province.

Similarly, people can buy wheat for their personal use. Aleem Khan presented a comparative review at the video link meeting with the National Command and Operational Centre and answered various questions.