DADU - Deputy Commissioner Dadu Raja Shahzaman Khurro on Monday directed Assistant Commissioner (1) Nazeer Ahmed Soomro to take strict action against profiteers and hoarders and ensure availability of petrol, diesel and other essential commodities as per rates fixed by the government.

On DC’s directives, Assistant Commissioner Nazeer Ahmed Soomro went round different petrol pumps of the city to see petrol was being sold as per the rates recently notified by the government.

He, on the occasion, warned the petrol pump owners of strict action if they sold petrol on previous rates.

The assistant commissioner also visited different markets of the city to ensure the sale of food items as per rates fixed by the district administration.

He warned the shopkeepers to ensure sale of essential commodities at government fixed rates failing which strict action would be initiated against them.

Also, the assistant commissioner visited the National Bank’s branch, and told the bank’s management to make arrangements for social distancing at the bank’s premises so that every person could get his salary without any stampede.

Pak Army officers, officers of the district administration and Police accompanied the assistant commissioner during the National Bank visit.