ISLAMABAD - Federal government has started preparing for Central Selection Board meeting and sought the officers' panels from different ministries and divisions, The Nation, on Monday, has learnt reliably.

According to the details, Establishment Division has written a letter to different ministries and departments with direction to send the names of grade-19 and grade-20 of different services groups for upcoming CSB meeting. The letter says, " it is informed that the next meeting of Central Selection Board is likely to be held soon. In this regard, it is requested that complete information regarding sanctioned strength in BS-20 and BS-21of your occupational Group/Service, along with approval of creation of these posts, may kindly be provided."

Well placed sources said that Establishment Division had almost finalized the lists of officers of grade-19 and grade-20 of three services groups including Pakistan Administrative Service, Secretariat group, Police Service of Pakistan to present in next CSB meeting. They said that the meeting of high-powered board meeting was pending and Secretary Establishment Division had written a letter to Prime Minister office to chair the meeting.

They said that the delay in meeting was due to PM's busy schedule regarding meetings on Covid-19. They mentioned that the incumbent government was arranging the CSB meetings on time because according to services rules CSB meeting should be held every six months. The previous government could only arrange four CSB meetings in its five years tenure.