ISLAMABAD                 -               A panic situation emerged in the headquarters of the Federal Investigation

Agency (FIA) on Monday after its additional director was tested positive for the COVID-19.The additional director (training)

of FIA had also been assisting the Inquiry Commission on Sugar and Wheat Crises headed by the premier investigation agency’s Director

General Wajid Zia. In the background discussions with The Nation, some FIA officials

are showing their apprehensions

that the work of the inquiry

commission might be affected as the infected officer, who is actually

from the Police Service of Pakistan,

had been in close contacts with those officers of the agency who are assisting the commission to conduct forensic audit of sugar

mills to find out the reasons behind

the unreasonable sky rocketing

sugar prices in the country.After it transpired that the additional

director had been tested positive, the entry and exit gates of the FIA headquarters were got closed by the administration and a team of health department was called to conduct tests of all close contacts of the senior officer.This all panicked the situation in the premises of headquarters as dozens of officials were stopped to leave the building until they are tested for the coronavirus. Later, it emerged that health team only has the capacity to take 25 samples for coronavirus tests in one go.The infected officer has an office in FIA’s training academy that is a joint building with the headquarters

where FIA chief and its director

(administration) have their offices

besides other offices.According to a Twitter post of another

police officer, the additional director is suffering from high fever.The inquiry commission had to submit its final report on with the Prime Minister’s Office on April 25, however, the cabinet has given it three weeks extension to complete