China firmly believes that its bilateral and military to military relations with Pakistan will embrace new and greater development through joint battle against COVID-19, a spokesperson of China Ministry of National Defense said.

“China and Pakistan are good friends, neighbors, partners, and brothers. Mutual help is a tradition between the two countries and the two militaries. As “iron brothers”, we can achieve great things with the same mind,” Senior Colonel Wu Qian said while commenting frequent interactions between the two countries and militaries since the COVID-19 outbreak to give each other support.

“We will not forget that when China was at the most difficult time of fighting the disease, Pakistan’s state and military leaders wrote us letters of sympathy at the first opportunity and President Dr.Arif Alvi paid a special visit to China. The Pakistani government and society did their very best to help us,” he added.

The spokesperson said that likewise, the Chinese people are concerned about the pandemic in Pakistan now and added, the Chinese government and military have provided batches of medical supplies to Pakistan and sent experts to help contain the spread of the virus.

He said that medical experts in the two militaries also held video conferences to share experience in COVID-19 prevention and control.

Colonel Wu remarked that only the toughest grass can stand strong winds. People of worth show their morality during hardships. China and Pakistan have an all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation, which means they will always stand by each other.

He informed that China indigenous Y-20 large military transport aircraft were deployed to transport medical supplies and Chinese expert teams to Pakistan. It marked the first overseas mission of Y-20.