SWAT                 -             The Swat University has launched a radio clinic that provides medical assistance to the patients during lockdown from around the city and bordering

regions.On the campus, Radio FM 100.4 of Swat University,

leading doctors of the area are available to the public on telephone daily and provide free medical advice.Online clinics are already operating in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab, but the Mass Communication

Department at Swat University has launched a radio clinic to deliver messages to people trapped at home as well as provide them medical assistance.The Campus Radio FM 100.4 broadcasts from 11am to 1pm.Besides providing medical assistance to the masses, the district administration has also been utilising this radio clinic by directing people

what to do and what not to amid knockdown.

  The Swat Deputy Commissioner has been visiting

the campus radio to encourage the public during this difficult time.Moreover, the DC has also a question answer session on the radio clinic which greatly helps the masses amid the Covid19 lockdown. While commenting on this initiative, the Head of Journalism Department Jamaluddin said since Swat is a hilly area and the message transmission

to the people was possible only through radio.He said that the main purpose of campus radio is to provide timely information