While going to the market yesterday, I saw a number of people were selling face masks by roads and in streets. The sellers were hanging masks in their hands and most of the face masks were not covered by plastic shoppers. It is possible that those who were selling them might have been infected by the virus and he may further infect the large number of people that were buying the face masks.

On the one hand, the government maintains the lockdown in the country in order to decrease cases of coronavirus. On the other hand, some are not taking care and potentially surging corona cases by selling infected masks to the public.

Sanitizers are also very expensive in the markets. 100 ml of small bottles of sanitizers are sold for 200 to 300 hundred rupees. These small bottles of sanitizers are made for a single person. Only a single person can adopt a small bottle of sanitizers while many persons use the same bottle in Pakistan. If more than one person uses the same bottle, it must be washed carefully if it is to be given to someone else. The Pakistan government must take serious measures to raise awareness among the public regarding the use of sanitizers and it must fix the price of sanitizers.

The government should take actions against those who sell face masks in public without taking precautionary measures and it can also make some plan to reduce the rate of sanitizers.