OUR STAFF REPORTER PESHAWAR - The activists of Doctor Khan Tehrek (DKT) on Friday staged a protest demonstration against the government for alliance with US in war against terrorism. The demonstrators were led by Muhammad Zahir Shah, vice chairman of DKT, and general secretary Muhammad Idrees. The protesting demonstrators were holding banners and placards inscribed in favor of their demands. They were also shouting anti-government slogans at Shershah Suri Road opposite to Cantonment Railway Station. They while talking to reporters said that Pakistan had done a mistake to support the war against terrorism and militancy after the incident of 9/11 in US because the decision was against in favor of Pakhtun nation and it created further issues for them. The rulers, they said should not supported any country in the killing of his citizens for the sack of personal interest and temporary ruling. They demanded of the government to defeat all the international conspiracies against Pakhtun nation, its land, resources, history and language and for the sack of their development and unity announce separation from the US alliance in war against terrorism.