Recently, I visited the regional office of FPSC situated at Sindh Muslim Society Sukkur. It took me two hours to find the office owing to lack of knowledge about the location of the office. At last I found it, which is situated at a street off theMilitary Road without a sign board outside a bungalow. I reached there at 9:00 am. After entering the office, not to speak of an official present, there was not even a security guard at the gate. The gate was wide open. After a few minutes a man wearing a rough dress appeared and asked me what I wanted. I asked him to give me an application form of FPSC; he refused and said that I should wait till the officer concerned came. I was disappointed and came back. I suggest to the higher authorities of the FPSC to shift the regional office at the main Military Road so that people may easily locate it and terminate those lethargic or sluggish officials, who are not punctual of time. HASEEBULLAH BALOCH, Sukkur, November 2.