It is encouraging to note that several writers are inspired to write for building Kalabagh dam as the only viable option to provide cheap power and water supply in the least possible time of five to six years. Asking the nation to wait for Bhasha dam for another 12-15 years is not an option as it would mean like the Persian phrase that says Bringing anti venom from Iraq while the patient dies from snake bite. The urgency of ensuring cheap power and irrigation water can only be met by Kalabagh dam. I would remind Pakistan Peoples Party that late Benazir Shaheed was called Subon ki Zanjir and Kalabagh dam could still save Pakistan People Party if they resolve to build a consensus on the dam that would ensure the retrieval of Pakistan from economic disaster in the present decade. Have the President and Prime Minister got the guts and wisdom to undertake the task of building a consensus on Kalabagh dam to start it for the prosperity of the nation? If they hadthe will to do it a way could be found as per old saying. May Allah give the PPP wisdom and courage to achieve consensus on Kalabagh dam. DR.MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, November 2.