SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT NEW YORK - Kim Kardashians marriage to basketball star Kris Humphries may be over - but shes apparently keeping her $ 2 million, 20-carat engagement ring, according to media reports. She is going to keep the ring, Jen Garcia, Assistant Editor of Peoples magazine, who was a guest at Kims August nuptials, told Access Hollywood, a television entertainment news television programme, quoting sources, Since Kardashian, the Reality TV star, was the one who broke it off her 72-day marriage, etiquette dictates that she should give it back, but according to Garcia, the reality star is attached to the rock. Its something thats debatable, obviously, with etiquette, but it was a gift to her, it was a present and its something very sentimental to her, Garcia told Access Hollywood. According to estimates, the ring is actually worth about $2 million, which is nearly $1m shy of Humphries reported 2011 $3.2 million salary with the New Jersey Nets. Humphries yearly salary, however, is dwarfed by his estranged wifes sizable paycheck. Forbes has reported she made about $12 million last year.