LAHORE A constitutional petition has been moved before the Lahore High Court to seek disqualification of President Asif Ali Zardari in the office alleging he did not meet the conditions laid down under articles 62 and 63 of the constitution to bar the corrupt persons to hold this highest state office. The petition has been filed through AK Dogar advocate inter alia contending that Zardari is unconstitutionally holding the office of the President as several cases on the charges of corruption stand in his back as such he carried inherent ineligibility to become the president of the country. The petitioner has questioned reputation of President Zardari on account of alleged corruption, which he adds, has been an open secret since the time of first tenure of his spouse Benazir Bhutto as prime Minister. On account of ill practices of accepting kickbacks and commissions in the official transactions, the respondent was dubbed internationally asMr 10 Percent, the petitioner adds praying to the court to annul the election of Asif Zardari to the office of president and declare him a disqualified president, It may be mentioned here that Mr Dogar is the same advocate on whose petition, this court had restrained the use of Presidents House for the political activity of PPP of which Asif Zardari is the co-chairman. The counsel had also assailed holding of dual office, as President and the PPP co-chairman, at the same time and sought the court direction to Zardari to shun the political office to ensure impartiality and neutrality of President office.