ISLAMABAD Muslim International NGOs Forum Pakistan (MIF) have launched its Qurbani programme 1432 H/2011, in four provinces including AJK and Galigit-Baltistan through which flood affected and most vulnerable families will be provided sacrificial animals to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha. ] MIF (Muslim International NGOs Forum which links together the Muslim INGOs operating in Pakistan will distribute the sacrificial animals of Qurbani among the vulnerable and needy families of Sanghar, Badin, Raheem Yar Khan, Muzafargharh, Rajan Pur, Mianwali, Muzafarabad, Kotli, Satian, Neelam,Bagh ,Noshera, Quetta and Galgit Baltistan. This was stated by the Chairperson of Muslim International NGOs Forum Pakistan Khobaib A Vahedy while addressing a press conference at National Press Club Islamabad here on Friday. Enlightening the audience about MIF Qurbani Programme he told that purpose of these sacrificial distributions is to reduce deprivation and inequality among poor families and the most vulnerable households in most underprivileged and deprived areas of Pakistan. MIF Pakistan is focusing on the families who are most vulnerable in these areas especially the inhabitants of flood affected districts of Sindh province. Our aim is to make them happy so that they could forget their sufferings and can enjoy themselves with their families on this holly festival of Eid-ul-Azha. Vahedy added further. While answering the questions MIF spokesperson told media that each year Muslim INGOs distribute Qurbani Sacrificial animals individually under their organizational plate from but from this year all Muslim INGOs in Pakistan are doing this distribution under the umbrella of MIF Pakistan, a forum which has been established on basis of faith and religious unity and its purpose it to deliver more together. While highlighting the working of Muslim International NGOs in Pakistan he said; MIF aims to support and help build communities especially when they are affected by big calamities like earth quack or floods. Muslim INGOs during the earthquake of 2005 and previous and recent devastating floods in Pakistan have been on the forefront to cope with the disasters and to elevate the sufferings of affected people whole heartedly and we are still engaged to rehabilitate flood-hit communities in all over the country. While other MIF member organizations Country directors and senior representative including rperesentitive including Fazulr Rahman, Kamran Sharif, Mehmood Ahmad, Muhammad Ouhi, Natheer Moaid, Atta ul Mustafa , Shahid Nazir , Akhtar Rasheed , A. Nasir Abbassi and M. Rashid Siddiqui while a talking to media said that Pakistan is a great country with a great potential but suffers from natural and man-made disasters where the poor are suffering a lot. They emphasize that national and local governments also should make affective policies and take sound steps to improve the life standards the underprivileged people of the country.