ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Friday dubbed a US media report regarding safety and security of its nuclear assets as a mere laughingstock, saying it was handiwork of the same lobby that wants to establish Pakistan as an irresponsible state. This a not the US monolithic view. It is work of some lobbies struggling to prove Pakistan as an irresponsible state, knowledgeable sources in Pakistans military told TheNation requesting not to be named. Laughing at the report published by a US magazine The Atlantic Wire, 'Pakistan transports its nukes in everyday vans, sources noted that after acknowledgement by senior US officials that safety and security of Pakistani nuclear assets is no more an issue, such media reports are worthless to comment upon. Castigating the report as a mere fabrication they thought Pakistans nuclear programme was the safest in the world. Look at the Indian nuclear programme in our neighbourhood, for example, that has gone through hundred of recorded major incidents so far, the sources said. They were of the view that Pakistan always transported its nuclear assets in parts rather than in any mated form as alleged by the US magazine in the report. There was no official input immediately available from the ISPR. However, former Chief of Army Staff Gen (Retd) Mirza Aslam Beg described the report a pack of lies. This is absolutely nonsense. This propaganda has long history. Some groups in the US create a fake news and then try to justify it by taking reaction from the irrelevant people, former COAS Pakistan who has deep knowledge about Pakistans nuclear programme maintained. Its non of their business. We know very well how to secure and move our assets, he retorted. He noted that there have been many nuclear related incidents in the world, but Pakistan had none. They better look into those vulnerable programmes as well as risks attached to the transportation of fissile nuclear materials around the globe, he added. Former Director General Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Lt.gen (retd) Hamid Gul said while sharing his insight into how safest Pakistans nuclear assets are. He said Indian nuclear programme had gone through 153 major mishaps, but none of the lobbies in the US had ever raised any concern. He said Pakistans nuclear programme is a defensive in nature and most safe and secured in the world. These people should not worry about our nuclear assets. These are our assets and Pakistan is free to move them anywhere, he quipped. According to The Atlantics new cover story, Pakistan transports its nuclear assets in civilian-style vans through busy traffic.