LODHRAN - The formation of a new strong group of at least 20 parliamentarians is likely in the near future with a new vision, manifesto and strategy to curtail traditional politics, corruption and bringing in real changes. MNA Jehangir Tareen revealed this while talking to the media persons here after addressing a big public meeting and ground-breaking ceremony of Lodhran Amna Girls' School on Friday. He pointed out that change on political scene was inevitable and nobody could stop it in the coming days. While praising Imran Khan's big public meeting in Lahore, Tareen termed it as unbelievable activity that indicated people had fed up with the traditional politics and people are very much serious about change now. Sitting under a cluster of trees at his ancestral agriculture farm house in Lodhran district, his son Ali Khan was also sitting behind his left, he said, "I want to safe Pakistan as nobody is really thinking about it". Dressed in a white Shalwar and Qamiz, when asked him about the possibility of joining hands with Imran Khan, he grinned and said, "We are 15-20 parliamentarians including senators, MNAs and politicians who have been preparing our manifesto to set our priorities. Tareen did not rule out joining or making an alliance with Imran Khan's Tehreek-e-Insaaf, he said if a political party recognizes our programme, manifesto, we would welcome this and work together. Tareen started his political struggle from Lodhran, 40 years back and now the Tareen education Foundation has been bringing changes, improvements in 85 public sector schools besides providing free books, job opportunities for teachers. Treen rejected the PPP and PML-N commitment towards creating a separate Seraiki Province, saying, they are playing with a serious issue and doing only politics. "Sixty-three years have lapsed after the creation of Pakistan, but nothing could be changed. The present government fails to deliver and it has destroyed all institutions. The country cannot make progress until the corruption is eliminated and bringing foreign wealth back to the country," he said. While responding to a question, Tareen said that the Sindh card has become ineffective and politicization of issue is very difficult. He said South Punjab uplift is not possible until the creation of separate Seraiki Province. Tareen suggested referendum to get consensus of people of Bahawalpur to be a part of Bahawalpur State or Seraiki Province. He rejected change of Seraiki Province name, saying it is justified on the basis of language, history and culture. He said that country cannot make progress without education and health and Tareen Education Foundation has been working in this field to end costly class education system and introducing high standard free education. The TEF and the Punjab government signed an agreement in 2010 bringing better changes in 85 public sector schools.