Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Saturday challenging the rival political parties to try their utmost to topple the government, said his party believes in democracy and no force can topple the government Talking to journalists on the occasion of formal inauguration of the commercial operation of Pakistan's second communication satellite Paksat-1R in Lahore PM said we challenge the rival political parties to try their utmost to topple the government adding, 'We are primed for that. PM Gilani said all the parties are desirous of opposition though they are in the government. He urged on the rivals not to say anything which may offend anyone. He said diplomatic channels were being utilized to normalize Pak-US ties added that drone attacks were not being conducted with governments will. PM said that he supported the demand for south Punjab as an independent province in accordance with the wishes of the people. The second objective behind the decision was that the province was too big to be controlled by one president. He said Mian Nawaz Sharif also supported new province in Punjab while name of new province was not a big issue. He said leaders of Pakistan Peoples Party have declared their property assets. On a query, the prime minister said giving India MFN status was taken in wrong perception, adding that the government wants trade with India as with other nations in the world and chambers of both countries working regarding it. Gilani said he would announce Vision 2030 in few days and all decision were being made in national interest. Meanwhile Paksat-1R was launched on August 12 from Xichang Satellite Launch Centre of China. It was moved to its designated position at 38 degree East in the geo-stationary orbit to replace the existing satellite Paksat-1.It has 32 transponders with three communication antennas to cover whole of Pakistan and 75 other countries across Asia East Africa and part of Western Europe. It has a useful life span of 15 years. Addressing to gathering, the Prime Minister said that this achievement was a milestone in countrys space development programme. He said this project reflects four-season and friendly relationship with brotherly country China, adding that both countries would continue cooperation with each other. The Prime Minister said the government would provide every possible sources to SPARCO to enhance space technology. He said space technology should be used to improve life of a common man specially in remote areas of the country added that this technology could help in agriculture and aggregation system.