SAN FRANCISCO- Facebook games giant Zynga is getting medieval with a CastleVille title set for release in the coming weeks on the worlds leading social network. On the cusp of an initial public offering of stock, San Francisco-based Zynga is expanding its offerings and spicing up play. The game going live soon at invites players to become part of a cast of characters including a dragon slayer with a weakness for cupcakes, a lothario, and lovely maidens. Once players create animated proxies in CastleVille, they will set about making friends, vanquishing enemies, building realms, and dispelling a mysterious darkness cloaking the kingdom. You are rebuilding a happy kingdom and out there is a gloomy land where people are lost and need to be brought back to the light, Jackson said of the overarching storyline. The latest installment in Zyngas popular franchise, which includes CityVille and FarmVille, incorporates video game console-style exploration and role playing. It is the start of a design that looks like a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) for the mass market, Zynga Dallas creative director Bill Jackson said while providing AFP with an early look at CastleVille. Agencies