KARACHI - Pakistan has successfully grown the most expensive and consumed form of rice 'Japonica. The seeds, received from Japan, were distributed in different areas of Punjab, KPK and Sindh for trial production. After the entire process, the result of Japonica was according to the demand of Japanese businessmen but the smell did not match the requirement. This was stated by Matco Rice Processing Private Limited Managing Director Javaid Ghori. He said that positive result of growing Japonica will boost the Pak economy. In Pakistan Matco achieved the target and Japonica was successfully grown at their farm in Sadhoki. In this world, most of the people like to eat long and thin rice but the Japonica is different and it has a round shape. It is interesting the Japonica cooks in a cooker and Japanese and some other people eat it with chopsticks. So, the traditional style of cooking and eating of the Japanese demands that kind of rice. Pakistani rice is demanded all over the world. The standard and demand of Pakistani rice is very high and because of this Middle East, Europe, Canada and United States are major markets for Pakistani rice exporters. Pakistan is the traditional exporter of basmati, a high quality rice known for its purity, length and flavour. Tsunami and earthquake had damaged many rice fields in Japan. Most of the Japanese like to eat only Japanese rice Japonica. After Tsunami and earthquake, Japanese agriculturists were keen to grow Japanese rice in Pakistan. Japanese rice could be cultivated in Pakistan. It was expected that the damaged fields of rice in the Tsunami-hit areas could take long time to remove sea salt. Growing the Japonica on Pakistani soil could be a safe way to ensure uninterrupted supply of rice to the Japanese consumers.