KARACHI - Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has bifurcated its organisational set up in Punjab by recreating PPP southern Punjab and PPP central Punjab, which could be a portent to territorial division of the province as promised by the party. The division has been made to effectively manage party affairs and deal with the peoples issues, according to PPP Information Secretary Qamar Zaman Kaira, who said that Makhdoom Shahabuddin has been appointed President PPP southern Punjab and Chaudhry Safdar Imtiaz Warraich president central Punjab. Kaira was briefing the media about a meeting of senior PPP leaders and office bearers, mostly from Punjab. The meeting was presided over by party co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Friday at Bilawal House and was attended by Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khosa, Senator Babar Awan, Rehman Malik, Fauzia Wahab, Rukhsana Bangash, Raja Riaz, Chaudhry Imtiaz Safdar Warraich and others. Kaira maintained that Punjab is a big province and it is difficult to manage party affairs from one place and therefore keeping in view the long-standing demand the party structure in the province has been split into two. He said it was not a new move, as PPP had its southern zone in the past. Though Kaira insisted this is a purely an organisational matter, the political observers were quick to read between the lines who took it as part of groundwork for an ultimate territorial division of the province ahead of the next general elections. The utter failure of the ruling party in solving the pressing public and national problems has badly tarnished its image and it has witnessed a general decline in popularity throughout the country. This coupled with the anti-PPP government campaign launched by its erstwhile opposition PML-N and the unrelenting attacks by Imran Khans Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) at both the PML-N and the PPP has brought the PPP leadership out of the slumber. The PTI recently amazed everyone by staged a spectacular show of power in Lahore that has forced all the political parties to take the seriously and consider it a formidable political force. In southern Punjab, the political stalwarts like Muhammad Ali Durrani and PPPs own dissenter, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, are proving a bee in PPPs bonnet, and therefore the party would most likely bring the Saraiki province card back on the political table to gain the public support by championing the cause that is so dear to the masses in southern Punjab having an acute sense of deprivation. Moreover, the party-level bifurcation of the province would help PPP fight the political battle more effectively through adoption of customised strategies in both southern and northern Punjab as the political dynamics in the two parts are so distinct. Both PML-N and PTI are not a big challenge for the PPP in southern Punjab, but both these parties are highly popular in northern part of the province. To a question about Saraiki province, Kaira told the media that bifurcation of any partys organisational set up does not automatically leads to creation of any new province. The creation of any province has its own dynamics, he added. However, he went on to add that If it is a demand of the people of an area, it can be possible. Kaira told the media persons that the meeting also discussed political situating in the country. Responding to a question about the PML-N public meetings aimed at ousting the PPP government, he said that the rally was held to divert attention from internal frustration and political isolation. We dont feel any danger from such rallies, which is the political right of every party. Such moves are made by only those forces which do not use parliament as a forum to express their point of view. The PPP, he said, cannot be eliminated by just holding the rallies. The party has a long history of struggle and its leaders and workers had faced gallows, floggings and prisons, but the dictators and opponents could not eliminate the party, he added. The PPP is an ideology and despite several attempts the enemies could not remove it from the scene and peoples heart, he maintained. But people know the past of PML-N and how its leadership fled the country, he added. Referring to Tehreek-i-Insaf rally, Kaira said that PPP welcomes such political moves. Such rallies are not a threat to the PPP rather we believe that these moves will further strengthen the democracy in the country, he observed. To another query, Kaira said corruption is an issue and PPP is ready to eliminate corruption from the country with the help of all the political forces. He said that accountability bill would be tabled in the parliament soon and is expected to get passed with thumping majority.