KARACHI - The devolution of Revenue/Land and other provincial departments to the district governments as well as uniformity of system was the main cause of differences between the ruling allies - PPP and MQM, which have been failed in making any consensus formula of local government system in the province, sources told TheNation. The present system of this third tier government is existed through an ordinance 'Sindh Local Government Ordinance 2001 which would be expired within 24 hours (between Saturday and Sunday night) as Constitution restricts the governor of the province from re-promulgation of any ordinance. At the same time, when negotiations between the two sides were in process, the provincial bureaucracy of local government and Services & General Administration Department was summoned to their offices on late Friday night. The objective of the summoning was to make preparations for re-notifying the posts of officers of the districts including Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners in case of announcement of expiry of the existing ordinance of the local government. Sources privy to the meetings of PPP and MQM said that though the two sides made consensus to make new law, but they were not agreed over their proposals regarding the nature of LG system as well as what powers be devolved for this third tier government. According to reliable sources, the PPP in its proposals of LG system have suggested that the revenue/land, police, education/schools and other departments would not be devolved to the district governments. It argued that the overall governance have been deteriorated in all the departments because of lack of accountability in the districts by the provincial government. The other argument of the PPP leaders was increase in land grabbing in Karachi and other parts of the province due to misuse of powers by the district governments as well as education specially schools. Sources said that the MQM had other opinion on the issue as they had been supported for more powers of revenue, police, education and other departments under local governments, however, both sides have not reached on the consensus formula so far. The sources in Sindh Local Government and Law Department said that the PPP and MQM had shared other proposals of LG system including retaining of post of the commissioner. Under the proposals, in place of existing nazims, the PPP have suggested Mayors for all the districts in uniform LG system, but two sides have yet to make consensus on new system. However, MQM have proposed different system such as 'Lord Mayor for Karachi. Sources confirmed that the commissionerate system would be revived automatically within 24 hours, however negotiation would also be continued between the two sides on the matter. The other coalition partners including PML-F and PML-Q have expressed dismay over keeping them away from the negotiation on the new LG system. Both the parties said that government had not taken them into confidence on the proposals being discussed by the PPP and MQM.