We all are familiar with the name and function of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital very well. Today Shaukat Khanum is known as one of the most popular and famous cancer hospitals of Pakistan, where different kinds of diseases are being treated. Some decades ago we didnt have any institute or hospital like Shaukat Khanum and people werent fully aware about cancer. At that time cancer was considered as a fatal and untreatable disease. Thousands of the people died because of cancer. Shaukat Khanum is successfully providing free treatment to poor cancer patients according to its mission. Rizwana Bibi is one such patient who has been provided with free medical treatment. In spite of tough and long treatment her face looks bright with smile. Her family members are happy to see her recover from the deadly disease. They are thankful to God for giving her a new life. Whenever they see their daughter cheering in her mothers bosom, they pray for the prosperity and success of Shaukat Khanum. They also request to all well to do people to give donations and Zakat for those deserving patient who cannot afford the cost of treatment. And they are also grateful to the all doctors, staff and management of Shaukat Khanum hospital for providing them with good and fully free treatment. There is no doubt there is no difference between paying and non-paying patient who come to the hospital. SAIMA KHAN, Lahore, November 4.