A UK-bound plane carrying 250 passengers, including actor and comedian Stephen Fry, was forced to make an unscheduled landing after an engine was shut down mid-flight. Four hours after take off, the flight from Singapore to London was diverted when oil problems caused the crew to turn off one of the planes four engines. Flight QF31 flew for around two-and-a-half hours with three functioning engines before landing safely in Dubai. None of the 258 passengers or 25 crew on board the Qantas Airbus A380 were injured, a spokeswoman for the airline said. Stephen Fry, the presenter and writer, was due to fly back to London on the flight last night but was grounded in Dubai. Bugger. Forced to land in Dubai. An engine has decided not to play, he tweeted during the incident. I think plan is to bus us to the transit lounge and await International Rescue. This plane, the crew tell me, is going nowhere. He added: So either Sydney send another one out or they come to an accommodation with Emirates. Either way not a great week for #qantas An hour later Fry posted: Still stuck on Dubai tarmac. No one seems to know how long well be here. Shouldve landed in London at 6.20. That wont happen Qantas said the jet had suffered a problem with oil pressure in its number four engine, describing the incident as a one off. The incident happened a year to the day since the engine of another Qantas A380 blew up over Singapore. The airline spokeswoman confirmed it was not the same A380 that was involved in last years incident. Obviously, it will be a priority of ours to work out what the particular problem is in this engine, she added. Qantas said it was working to arrange alternative flights to take the passengers on to London. Fry still appeared to be in Dubai this morning, after tweeting that he had left his wallet on the plane. He had been touring Australia with television quiz show QI. The 54-year-old said the airline staff were being wonderful. Morale is high and the passengers understanding and cheerful, he tweeted. TG