NOORPUR THAL Education is rightly referred to as the third-eye of human beings as it broadens ones spectrum and vision. The Young Students Federation (YSF) has said that the students of Thal were faced with multiple problem but the authorities concerned were taking no step to resolve the grievances of students. Addressing a news conference at Noorpur Thal Press Club, the YSF leaders Umer Farooq Awan, Muhammad Naeem Awan and Raja Muhammad Amer highlighted the problem of contaminated drinking water tanks in the educational institutions of Thal which were erected years ago but rarely cleaned or disinfected. They said that in several educational institutions students lacked clean drinking water, due to which they had been suffering from various water-borne diseases. They said that the building of special education centre was not completed despite the passage of four years. Furthermore, libraries in the educational institutions do not have up-todate and modern books, as a result of which students are unable to supplement their studies. No proper arrangements exist for carrying out laboratory work as the essentially required scientific equipment is absent, they added. The YSF said that the Punjab CM must, therefore, prioritise education by providing educational institutions with at least facilities necessary to run an institution smoothly.