As with most of the things in Pakistan that drag on without anyone noticing them, the CNG stations are no exception. They have been running the stations as though arbitrarily. Many of them continue to charge higher rates than enforced at the moment; many are seen to have shut down their pumps with the excuse of low gas pressure; similarly others put up ‘loadshedding’ stickers to deny service to the consumer. Now the obvious question is: where are the authorities? The bureaucracy must have its share of scolding. One also wonders whether there is any political expediency involved? The obvious disregard of the government’s writ ought to be taken strict notice of, no matter if that means charging the defiant filling stations for contempt of court notices as was warned a few days back. And what about the federal setup’s boast that it would cancel the licences of such CNG stations? As things stand, the general public has been going through a lot of pain and hassle, shuttling from one corner of the city to another; in the process scuffles, fisticuffs are common.

The court’s orders are not a joke that can be laughed away. The CNG stations have already minted enough cash as transpired during the proceedings and now they would have to be stopped from further making a quick buck even if it means use of force.