A country whose economy is largely agrarian, there is no reason why its livestock should also not contribute a comparatively bigger part. The only problem is that its potential has yet not been tapped to the fullest though success stories of how small farmers and traders with little cash to spare have made fortunes. Pakistan is the fourth biggest producer of milk, a position that keeps dwindling but can be taken to the top with a little bit of effort. Difficulties such as lack of medical and scientific methods available to the farmers in far flung areas compound their ability to make it worth their while. Some start off with just one goat or a cow and go on to make a herd out of them but mostly farmers fail to administer medicine and injections, and end up in a difficult situation. It is with this dismal picture that the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has asked for the sector to be modernised along scientific lines. It is encouraging to note that a US firm has been asked to help out.

It is with pity that one recalls that Pakistan not long ago had the best breed of cows. Now it is the US, Australia and New Zealand that have taken the lead leaving us behind because we could not keep pace with modern means that were revolutionising the sector. For the programme to succeed it would have to reach out to the rural areas and also keep the medicine and fertilizers at affordable rates.