According to media Pakistan’s Supreme Court has ruled that the Balochistan regional government has lost its constitutional authority to stay in power and has directed central government not to release any funds for Balochistan regional government. The same day the single opposition leader was arrested from the court premises on serious allegations of corruption and ransom charges. According to government sources, 90 percent ministers who belong to Balochistan are involved in ransom and corruption.

Reality is that due to government’s silence and it’s weak position things have gone from bad to worse in Balochistan and killing of innocent people continues in different parts of the province. Same day when the SC announced its decision, armed militants opened fire on a bus and killed 18 people, including women and children.

The truth of the matter is that the general public has lost hope in the demographics of the present government and sees no ray of hope for the province. Their spirits are low and anger is rising. According to media Baloch nationalist leader Akahtar Mengal has submitted his detailed statement in the SC regarding recent unrest and missing people’s case in Balochistan. Although government agencies deny the allegations regarding missing people, and said no one is being held illegally, in actuality the missing person cases have become a miserable chapter in Pakistan’s political history. After US led ‘war on terror’ thousands of people went missing, and are believed to be in illegal detention by national and international secret agencies.

At the time when political parties have failed to bring any change in Balochistan’s law less situation, CJ Iftikhar Chaudhary is trying hard to bring peace to the province, his efforts must be appreciated. After the CJ’s efforts security agencies produced several missing persons in court. The Chief Justice warned FC to refrain from any wrongdoing and said that people are pointing a figure at them for the missing people cases. Chief Justice summoned several high officials of Balochistan government including Chief Minister of Balochistan. Unfortunately things have not improved at all.

Present government announced several aid packages for Balochistan but poverty and unemployment graph keeps rising. Mushrraf’s government started the army operation in Balochistan, but after the killing of nationalist leader Akbar Bugti, there was an increase in lawless in the province. In the last four years several charred bodies were found in different parts of the province and according to human rights organizations more than four thousand people are still missing.

Ethnic Hazara community has been the most hard hit, they lost several members in incidents of target killing. Terrorist are targeting school teachers, security personnel, labourers and ordinary people. Recently a college principle, who raised the national flag in his college, was shot down in front of his house with his children watching him. A member of national assembly lost his brother in target killing. According to FC, sources more than twelve foreign agencies are also working in Balochistan and providing weapons, training and monetary support to different groups. Several ministers belong to ruling party are also involved in lawlessness.


Jeddah, November 03.